Meet the Artist

Much like the history of the Mississippi Delta itself, Amy Luker's story is as contradicting as it is beautiful.

The great-great grandchild of Italian sharecroppers brought to the United States under the guise of a new life, Amy feels deeply and personally the dark histories of the South. 

However, it is those very same cotton fields where her ancestors worked until their fingers bled, that are regularly represented in her most heartfelt works depicting beloved childhood memories. 

Like many of her varied subjects, the views of the Southern landscape she represents in her work are equally realistic and surreal - tempting the viewer to dig deeper into the source of her inspirations. 

Amy's works dance along the boundaries between painting and sculpture as she employs techniques rarely seen in acrylic artwork, and explores the depth and texture of her surroundings and inspirations. 

When displayed, her works beg the viewer to reach out and touch - to explore alongside her. 

She tells us, 

"I want my art to bring attention to details that most of us miss in our hectic non-stop life styles. I want my art to stop people in their tracks and see beauty in a world where sometimes beauty is hard to find."